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Parent & Guardian Code of Conduct
As a parent member of Madison Jr. Lacrosse, I will:
Teach my child responsibility:
I will be sure my child makes every effort to attend practices and games, on time.
I will be sure my child is picked up from practices and games at their conclusion. In the event my child cannot attend a practice or a game,
I will make sure that the coach is notified. I understand that unexcused absences from practices and games show a lack of commitment and responsibility and will be dealt with accordingly.
I will encourage my child to take the time to practice on his own to build his lacrosse skills.
Teach my child to respect other people:
I will not use foul language, ridicule or criticize the referee, coaches or other players, by yelling from the sidelines, or by making dramatic arm movements.
I will tell my child that the official is human and sometimes makes mistakes while controlling the game, but that the referee does not "make or break" the outcome of the game.
I will allow the coach to coach the game without interference or suggestions from me, and without comments regarding the officials. I will direct any comments or suggestions to coach, and I will wait at least 24 hours after a game before doing so.
I will not argue with fans from opposing teams.
I will not shout instructions to players from the sidelines and will let the coach do the coaching from the appropriate side of the field.
I will not criticize the coach's game decisions afterwards in discussions of the game with my child.
Teach my child that good sportsmanship is essential to the game of lacrosse:
I will applaud a good effort in victory and defeat.
I will applaud good play by the opposing team and players.
I will discipline my child for use of foul or inappropriate language, or for engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct.
I will learn the Player's Code of Conduct and taking advantage of every opportunity to reinforce this code with my child.

I understand the conduct expected of me as a parent of a Madison Jr Lacrosse player. My failure to conduct myself in accordance with this Parents' Code of Conduct may result in the removal of my child from his team.