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Player Code of Conduct
As a player, I understand I must follow these rules to stay in good standing:
  1. I will represent the Madison Lacrosse club and my town well, and will respect the game, my coaches, the fans, and the officials. 
  2. I will play fairly and follow the rules and regulations of the game.
  3. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.
  4. I will help parents and fans understand the game and the club so that they can enjoy the game more fully.
  5. I will be modest when I’m successful and gracious when defeated.
  6. I will respect the facilities where we play and pick up after myself and others.
  7. I will work to build my physical capabilities and endurance both at practice and at home.
  8. I will complete my schoolwork, on time and to the best of my ability
  9. I will commit to lacrosse and make practices a priority.
  10. I will arrive for practices and games, dressed in the necessary equipment at the scheduled time and will be responsible for my own water.
  11. I will notify the coaches if I am unable to practice or attend a game.
  12. I will support all on my team and will lead others by my sportsmanship.