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Our Mission Statement is simple:
 MJL provides an opportunity for the boys of  Madison and Harding to learn and participate in the great 
 sport of lacrosse; develop a sense of teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship... AND 
Beneath that though, there is much more.
We Expect:

Our boys to commit to their school work, family, and team, in that order.   None though, should be a crutch to avoid the other two. We expect our young men to make practices on time and commit fully throughout the entire practice.   While we commit to playing each person on the squad in every game, the League rule is that a person must attend 50% of a weeks practice in order to play; similarly, those who make practice regularly will play more.

Our boys to lead the league in sportsmanlike behavior. We bench players for unsportsmanlike behavior and tolerate no disrespectful behavior towards coaches, competitors, parents or officials.   

Our players will become well conditioned athletes during the season. Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two legs and requires endurance. We run regularly in practice, and ask that people really understand the commitment to physical conditioning.

A lot from our parents. We’d like your support as volunteers, team parents, and assistant coaches. We’d also appreciate your boy(s) arriving on time, fully dressed, with all the right equipment in all the right places.   We also expect our parents to lead by example and demonstrate great sportsmanship towards our opponents, referees, and fans.

A lot from our coaches. Our coaches are unpaid volunteers who spend up to 300 hours per year making this program work.   We often handle 15 emails a day on team matters and spend over a full week each putting together the season ending Platypus Festival. We also expect them to attend coaching clinics to enable them to help our boys even more.

On behalf of all the Trustees and coaches, we welcome you and your families to the Madison Jr. Lacrosse Club and we hope your active participation will make the organization continually stronger.